What is special about Servicesure?

Servicesure Autocentres are a quality network of independent garages and workshops across the UK.

All Servicesure garages, including Mark 1 Automotive, are signed up to our Customer Service Charter and a recognised Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider.

The network of garages are regularly audited, giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to the quality of service we offer.

Mark 1 Automotive are committed to maintaining high standards covering car service and repair. We pride ourselves on providing quality service at affordable prices.

Save up to a third on servicing price compared to a main dealer. Have your car serviced at Mark 1 Automotive and be confident that it will be serviced by a trusted garage using quality parts with friendly service.

Lifetime replacement pads and shoes

Keeping your brakes in good condition is crucial to the safety of your vehicle and the safety of you and your passengers. With this in mind we have introduced a lifetime brake pad and shoe replacement scheme. We offer free brake pads and shoes for the lifetime of your car after you’ve had your car’s braking system checked and optimised. 

All the brake parts we use match the original specification, and they are fitted by our skilled technicians. The lifetime replacement is designed to give you peace of mind for the life of your car and is only available from Servicesure Autocentres.

  • You pay for your first replacement braking system e.g. pads, discs and shoes.
  • We will supply your next set of brake pads and shoes when you need them, free of charge.
  • You do not need a yearly service or check to maintain your lifetime replacement, although we recommend that you keep your car in good condition.


Book a Battery Test today to check the health of your battery

What is a Free Battery Health Check?

Our free battery health check identifies any underlying faults with a battery before it becomes an issue. Our equipment will give you peace of mind that the battery is in good working order. Using a traffic light system RED, AMBER,  GREEN and a printed report, giving you confidence on every turn of the key.

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